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Redeeming the Time

By March 3, 2023May 23rd, 2023No Comments

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Redeeming the Time, a collection of excellent lectures that Russell Kirk delivered at the Heritage Foundation, includes one that is particularly insightful. It is called, The Conservative Purpose of a Liberal Education. Kirk defines liberal education as the “ordering and integrating of knowledge for the benefit of the free person.” He says that a liberal education:

  •      Takes the long view
  •      Provides an understanding of what it means to be human
  •      Defends the order of the soul and the republic
  •      Fosters harmony with the self
  •      Cultivates a philosophical habit of mind
  •      Develops the imagination
  •      Looks back toward antiquity and forward to posterity
  •      Knows the value of things
  •      Fosters a lifetime of learning
  •      Models the proper use of leisure
  •      Aims towards wisdom and virtue
  •      Conserves a body of knowledge

That is a great list! Kirk’s essay would be an informative read for you and your faculty. It is also relevant to SCL’s summer conference theme. Enjoy!