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Have you felt burned out trying to juggle all the responsibilities of running a school? What if you had support a phone call away from peers in similar school situations? How encouraging would it be to have a seasoned CCE educator work with you, your board and teachers? Ready for a retreat and times of equipping? If so then an SCL membership is the next step for you and your school!

Become a Member and Grow your Classical Christian School Today.


Benefits of SCL Membership

Partner Benefits
Enjoy exclusive benefits from our partners, such as 50% off CLT Assessments and 20% off all CAP merchandise.
Exclusive Discounts
Earn discounts for your entire team on all our offerings, like our full line-up of cohorts, workshops, and our upcoming Winter Symposia.
Find-a-School Map
Join our Find-a-School Map on our website. Over 2,000 unique viewers visit this page on our website every month, looking for schools just like yours.
Thriving Schools Study
Receive exclusive access to our annual Thriving Schools Study and other upcoming research reports. The insightful Faculty and Administrator Salaries report was just released! Learn how your school sizes up as you plan for the future.
Access to Resources
Receive exclusive year-round access to top-notch professional development with all live-streamed and recorded content. Just released are the video recordings from the Fall Retreat. Learn how you can become an Academic Leader.
Job Board
Reach the classical educators you need with our Job Board. Post openings on our website with over 10,000 unique visitors each month. Hiring season is soon upon us!

Membership Promise

To our member schools we promise to equip you to lead effectively. We promise to connect you to a like-minded network of peers where you will find support, encouragement, and training to extend your reach and impact. We are committed to journey with you as a consistent ally to set priorities, navigate the challenges of your work, shepherd your school faithfully and encourage you in your professional and spiritual growth.

School Membership Packages

Institutional Membership

The cost will be calculated based on your school’s tuition and total enrollment.

* Note: You will be be invoiced after applying.

Apply NowCalculate Cost

Startup Schools

For schools in year 0-3, with an enrollment of fewer than 200 students, and with a budget of less than $1.6 million. Interested in purchasing a new school starter kit from Classical Academic Press? Click here.


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Affiliate Membership

Individual membership designed for sponsors, professionals, or parents not formally connected to a classical Christian school. Membership discounts and job postings do not apply to affiliate members, but access to SCL resources is provided.


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Membership Perks

Alliance Defending Freedom

In today’s culture, it can be difficult for ministries to freely operate according to biblical beliefs. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom launched the ADF Ministry Alliance. With nearly 4,000 members, the program funds a team of attorneys who engage with churches, ministries, and schools to help preserve their religious freedom. As a member, ADF attorneys can review your ministry’s governing documents. You’ll also get access to legal resources, updates on legislation, cases, and more. By joining the ADF Ministry Alliance, you can be confident that you have legal support to freely fulfill your mission and boldly proclaim the truth. Use code SCL20 for a 20% discount when you apply at

Classical Academic Press

Member schools will receive an exclusive 20% discount on all CAP merchandise!

Member schools use this link.

Good Agency

FREE access to RocketFuel for 2024, a robust CRM tool designed to streamline your admissions process and boost your marketing like never before! Normally priced at $399.00/mo. *Does not include usage Fees.


Classic Learning Test (CLT) is offering SCL member schools 50% off all assessments for the 2023-2024 academic year. To sign up for testing and take advantage of this benefit, contact Adam Roate, Director of Christian School Partnerships, at

Arcadia Education

Arcadia Education will be offering SCL member schools 15% off for our consulting services.

Rafiki Foundation

The Rafiki Foundation is a Christian mission agency serving in Africa since 1985 that has established 10 classical Christian schools for children in poverty in 10 African countries. Rafiki is also serving in the USA. It has its own classical Christian curriculum that is perfect for startup classical Christian schools.

Rafiki Foundation is offering:

  • Free daily Bible class materials for member schools
  • Scholarships for overseas mission trips to serve in one of their classical Christian schools in Africa during the summer
  • Free art curriculum for member schools

More details in the member resource section.

Get the support and community you’ve been looking for.

At Society for Classical Learning, we know you want to lead a thriving school. The problem is, school leaders face new challenges and complexities every day and often feel isolated and alone.

We believe it shouldn’t be that way.

Our team of experts has spent nearly 30 years equipping hundreds of classical Christian Schools around the world with the tools they need to thrive.

From professional development to specialized workshops, cohorts, consulting, and mentoring, our global membership network and online library of essential resources will give you the confidence you need to grow your school successfully.


What is the membership process?

To apply for membership to The Society of Classical Learning, fill out the application form with the required information and submit it along with any necessary fees or supporting documents. You will then receive a confirmation of your membership application and further instructions on the next steps.

What's the difference between memberships?

We offer a range of institutional membership levels designed to meet the unique needs of school leaders, teachers, and board members. Each school (institutional) membership includes membership access for all employees of the school. Packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual schools based upon the annual budget.

How many people have access to my membership?

Your membership grants SCL access to all faculty, staff, administration, and board members at your school.

You can add your faculty through the sub-account feature in the membership portal.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Are there membership scholarships available?

We offer discounted startup pricing for schools that are new to our program. Contact us for more information.

How do I renew my membership?

If your budget or school details remain the same, you may log in to your account > Subscriptions > Renew. Status changes from Start Up to 1 or 1 to 2, please select Become a Member and choose the new package you’d like to subscribe. Questions? Email

How do I calculate my membership cost?

To determine the cost of your membership, we provide a range of packages tailored to individual school needs. The cost of membership is contingent upon the type of membership package. Institutional Membership 1, Institutional Membership 3, and Affiliate Memberships are all charged a fixed price. The SCL Institutional Membership 2 price is based on a percentage of annual school budget. During registration this number is calculated automatically for your convenience based on the budget provided.

Here’s What Our Members Are Saying

SCL was a place to connect with other teachers on the front lines. It’s easy to feel like we’re out there alone, but seeing how many other teachers are out there fighting the good fight, and having the chance to hear their stories and learn from them, reminds me of why I got into teaching in the first place.
– SCL Member

I appreciated the opportunity to connect with others who work in positions like mine and talk about issues we’ve had at our schools. We could laugh, share about tough situations, and offer encouragement to one another.
– SCL Member

SCL continues to provide classical Christian educators with the best of the tradition alongside an approach to the culture that is honest without being anxious. This is a much-needed approach in our polarized climate, and it makes attending the conference refreshing and inspiring. I can’t wait for next year!
– SCL Member

Join The Thriving Community of Classical Christian Schools

Feel confident that you have been equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to lead your school.

Become a MemberAbout Membership

Annual Offerings Booklet

As a member, you receive access to all of the most recent summer conference content, including 80+ workshops, plenary speakers, etc., plus access to the full library of past content.

Conference Sessions

Ensure increased visibility for your school by having it listed on the Find a School Map, connecting you with potential students and families seeking a classical Christian learning environment.

Map Feature

Unlock a wealth of exclusive resources, such as research studies and articles, providing valuable insights and knowledge for your school's continuous improvement.


Enable your school to easily post job openings and attract qualified candidates with the Career Center, simplifying the hiring process.

Career Center

Enjoy exclusive discounts on all SCL events and services, empowering you to access valuable resources and opportunities for your school's growth at a more affordable cost.

Exclusive Discounts

Get access to exclusive cohorts and workshops!

Cohorts and Workshops

SCL conducts school-wide surveys to provide relevant information to the classical Christian community as well as access to in-depth research with partner organizations like the Barna Group.


A connected community of classical Christian thought leaders, including heads of school, board members, marketing and admissions directors, development and fundraising directors, academic deans, grammar and upper school heads, and teachers from all grade levels are here to support and encourage one another.


Member-exclusive Coaching Call sessions. 15-20 online sessions each year from key-thought leaders on topics ranging from legal and operational issues to pedagogical and philosophical discussions. Think of it as a mini-conference each month!

Coaching Calls

Gain new insight, knowledge, and skills around best practices in a short, intensive format with workshops or a year-long mentorship experience with cohorts. Designed for administrators, teachers, parents, leaders, and department heads – anyone seeking to learn and grow in their role.

Conference & Workshops

Our network of seasoned professionals is available to navigate your questions and brainstorm solutions with you. Let us know how you want to direct your time and we will pair you with the senior leader that best suits your school’s unique needs.