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The Society for Classical Learning (SCL) has existed since the mid-1990s to facilitate and encourage thinking and discussion among professionals associated with Christ-centered education in the liberal arts tradition.

The continued growth of classical Christian education will only be as strong and stable as its leaders. It is one of our primary aims at SCL to ensure that every leader is informed, equipped, inspired, supported, and coached to lead well and stand firm in the classical Christian tradition.

Through national events that reach a global audience, podcasts, newsletters, regional events, social media, consulting, coaching, and thought leadership, we reach decision-makers within classical Christian education, from teachers and support staff to heads of school and board members.

Beyond the numbers, we develop relationships within our school communities as part of what we do everyday. Not only is your message going before our audience, but that message is being shared among trusted relationships working together to grow in wisdom and virtue.”

As a sponsor of The Society of Classical Learning, you can play a vital role in helping us achieve our mission. By partnering with us, sponsors can support the growth and development of classical Christian schools, expand access to classical Christian education, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue and research in the field.

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Here’s What Our Members Are Saying

SCL was a place to connect with other teachers on the front lines. It’s easy to feel like we’re out there alone, but seeing how many other teachers are out there fighting the good fight, and having the chance to hear their stories and learn from them, it reminds me why I got into teaching in the first place.”
– SCL Attendee

The instructors were knowledgeable, present, and available. The platform was easy to use. The content was exactly what I needed as a first year counselor building a program. Each class was appropriate to what I needed to learn about the program, timely, and relevant.
– College Advisors

I appreciated the opportunity to connect with others who work in positions like mine and talk about issues we’ve had at our schools. We could laugh, share about tough situations, and offer encouragement to one another.
– SCL Attendee