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Modern Pressures, Ancient Practices, Space for Grace-A Chapel Theme for Christians in the Current Cultural Moment

By June 17, 2016January 20th, 2023No Comments

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“Teenagers live today in a world of competing allegiances.” How disoriented our students must feel! The questions provoked by life in America today in some ways aren’t new, but in many ways are deeper and more pressing than ever before. Because of this, at Covenant we chose a chapel theme to help us as a community think through the following questions: What are the ways that our modern American culture shapes us? What can we do to “lean against” these pressures and turn our souls toward God? How does the grace of God transform us as people? The conviction involves the fact that this will create space to know God, the ultimate goal of our lives. We divided the year into three-week units and intentionally chose very practical pressures (busyness, consumerism, noise, etc.). Then during the first week of the unit we identified the issue, helping our community to see anew. The second week involved a biblical/historical lens on the pressure and a call for certain daily practices. On the third week, we opened the microphone up for students and faculty to share how these practices shaped space for God during the previous week. Come if you’re interested in learning more about how it went or if you desire to implement something like this at your school next year.

Bryan Verbrugge

Bryan Verbrugge hails from the suburban Maryland area but now calls Charlo esville, VA, his home. He has worked in Christian education for his entire career, starting in Pennsylvania right out of college, followed by a move to the Covenant School in Charlo esville in 1996. His current responsibilities include leading weekly chapel services, advising the administration, and teaching the senior class Theology every year. He holds a BA from Geneva College and an MDiv from Westminster Seminary.