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Classical Christian Movement

God’s Glory in Your Students

By June 28, 2018January 18th, 2023No Comments

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What does it mean for our students to be image- bearers? Do our students all bear God’s image in the same way? Can we play a significant role in communicating to our students about God’s unique image borne out in them? Through personal stories and powerful imagery, this session will deepen your understanding of the profound role we play as educators in helping our students see that God has placed His image — though faded — of the Good Life in the depths of their hearts. After attending this session, a teacher with more than 30 years of experience commented that this presentation had a greater impact on how she saw herself as a teacher than any other.

Peter Baur

Peter Baur has been involved in independent education for nearly 40 years and has held roles in several environments, including start-up classical Christian schools and “elite” private schools with over 150 years of history. Peter has served in nearly every capacity, including PR/Marketing, curriculum development, Head of School, development/fundraising, special events, college guidance, admission, advisory, teaching and coaching. In addition, Peter has led schools and churches in strategic planning, has presented at CiRCE, ACCS and SCL, and been a featured speaker at schools around the nation. Peter is known for his ability to articulate classical Christian education in a simple, practical manner. Peter is the only SCL Fellow elected prior to becoming a Head of School.