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Why would a successful classical educator leave a school in America to move to Africa? How do you know if you are called by God to serve as a missionary? Don’t American classical schools need more educators as well? Five Rafiki Missionaries who will soon embark for their assignments in Africa will consider these questions and more. If you have ever wondered if you might be called to long or short term missions, or if you simply want to know more about the work God is doing in the lives of these servants and in Africa, this will be a great conversation to sit in on.

David and Michelle Graves

David attended a school that was a classical Christian school before anyone had heard of classical Christian schools. He’s experienced first-hand the life-long benefits of this model of education as well as seeing how it has enriched the lives of his children and his students. Michelle has a master’s degree in classical studies and has been a teacher in classical Christian education for over 25 years. She has seen how classical learning has benefited her own personal walk with the Lord, and she appreciates the biblical worldview integration in Rafiki’s classical curriculum.

Anna Liebing

Anna has long been passionate about missions and prayed for an opportunity to serve in foreign missions long-term. Since Anna has a background in classical education, Rafiki is a perfect fit for her experience and passions. In 2014, Anna spent part of the summer at the Rafiki Village Tanzania teaching, training, and falling in love with the children and staff there, and Rafiki’s mission has remained on her heart since then. She is now excited to now be raising support and preparing to serve long-term at the Rafiki Village Malawi as the Headmaster.

Jay and Maureen Richards

Jay has his Master’s in Business Administration which he has used in a variety of different jobs. Maureen earned her master’s degree with a teaching certification out of a desire to be more involved in their children’s education. The Richards originally learned about the Rafiki Foundation in the 1990s through Bible Study Fellowship. Early last year, Jay and Maureen saw the need for missionaries and were humbled to find out that Rafiki had been praying for a couple with just their skills. The Lord has made it clear that he is calling them to serve as Long-Term Missionaries with Rafiki, and they are excited to join in the work.