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Classical Christian Movement

Whose Rationality? Classical Christian Education and the Ordering of Faith and Reason

By June 16, 2016January 23rd, 2023No Comments

The reform of education embodied in the classical Christian school movement represents a challenge to Enlightenment assumptions about the nature and ends of reason and about the scope and consequences of religious belief. But the terms and ramifiations of this conflict are not always clearly understood. Moreover, much contemporary Christian discipleship and apologetics (perhaps unwittingly) reinforces Enlightenment pre-suppositions more than the classical Christian understanding. In this workshop, Ken Myers will discuss how a more deliberately Christocentric account of reason ought to inform the shape of teaching in Christian schools.

Ken Myers

As host of the Mars Hill Audio Journal since 1992, Ken Myers has interviewed hundreds of authors of books that contribute to understanding the challenges faced by Christians in modernity. A frequent speaker at classical Christian schools (and at SCL conferences), Myers has applied the wisdom from those interviews to the challenge of enculturating the next generation of believers. A graduate of the University of Maryland (BA in Communications) and Westminster Theological Seminary (MAR in theological studies), Myers’s early career as an arts and humanities editor at National Public Radio stimulated his lifelong interest in discovering how contemporary culture took the form it now has, and how the consequences of the Gospel require Christians to embody countercultural alternatives.