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Classical Christian Movement

What is Harkness?

By June 25, 2015January 24th, 2023No Comments

This seminar will discuss the history of round table discussions at Veritas School in Newberg. It will attempt to explain why we implemented these graded discussions in the upper level Humanities courses, however we set up discussions, and how we assess them. This seminar will share tested procedures for implementing and managing fruitful Harness discussions for grades 8 – 12

Geary Linhart

After a lovely six year teaching start at a non-classical Christian school in the Sea le area, Geary Linhart decided to get his Masters in Teaching at Seattle Pacific University. While studying curriculum design he came across the ideas surrounding classical schools. With his masters in hand, and a desire to move back to his childhood home of Oregon, Geary Linhart pursued classical schools in the Portland area and came upon Veritas School in Newberg in 2007. He teaches Rhetoric II, Humane Letters, and oversees the senior capstone project called Poiesis.