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What Hath Biology To Do With Physics?

By June 26, 2014January 25th, 2023No Comments

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In contemporary schools we often imagine that all the natural sciences fit neatly together. Casual observers sometimes assume that the scientific approach offers a simple methodology which must only be applied in each subject. But woe to the headmaster who asks a young biology teacher to tackle a senior physics class or requests a physics teacher to handle the fetal pigs. It turns out that these disciplines are very different creatures. One subject deals in dissections and the other with derivatives. So what hath biology to do with physics? Come and find out how a return to Aristotle’s principles can simplify and help organize your school’s vision across the natural sciences as well as begin to reintegrate them with the humanities.

Ravi Jain

Ravi Jain graduated from Davidson College as a pre-med, political science major having also served as a teaching assistant in physics and ancient Greek. He worked at various churches before receiving an M.A. from Reformed Theological Seminary. He has been teaching AP Calculus and AP Physics at the Geneva School since 2003. During this tenure he has sought to understand and champion the role of math and science in a Christian Classical curriculum. Over the past four years he has had the opportunity to deliver over 35 talks or workshops on these topics at various schools and conferences across the country. Ravi is the co-author (along with Kevin Clark) of a new book on classical education called The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosphy of Christian Classical Education, published by Classical Academic Press.