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Classical Christian Movement

The Word of a Gentleman

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15 rules and philosophic base for those rules approach the behavior of a gentleman less by mimicry of periods and cultures we approve and more by changing the reality, in heart, and head, of the man. In the Classical Christian school movement it is not remembered often enough that “One is not what one must pretend to be.”

Evan Wilson​

In 1980, Evan and his wife, Leslie, bought a large 8000 sq.ft. arts and crafts home to have a greater effect on college students through hospitality and conversation. The Big Haus is a Christian boarding house and philosophy and arts ministry, through which have traveled over 300 students and the Wilson’s own four children. Mr. Wilson has also pastored All Souls Christian Church for 18 years and teaches seminars in Christian social philosophy and antiquities. In educational circles he has both taught at Montrose Academy and Logos School. While serving many years on the SCL board he has spoken at their’s and other educational conferences on historic and philosophic topics. ​