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The M&M’s of Employment Law

By June 27, 2008February 21st, 2023No Comments

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Over the years we have seen administrators and boards of faith-based programs commit the M&M’s of employment law. In this session we will discuss multiple legal mistakes and assumptions involving staff and how to avoid potential liability.

John L. and John M. Cooley​

John L. Cooley served as a Christian school administrator for 10 years prior to beginning his law career. Ind addition to his law degree, Mr. Cooley has earned an MRE in Christian education and a Ph.D. in church administration. He currently serves as President of WootenHart PLC in Roanoke, VA. John Mark Cooley is a partner at WootenHart and has been in practice there for over 10 years. Together they focus on representing faith-based programs, religious schools, and non-profits and have assisted schools with constitutional law, employment and contract issues, student discipline and expulsion, parent issues, organizational structure, and non-profit IRS filings. ​