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Classical Christian Movement

The Ideal Classical Educator

By June 25, 2020January 9th, 2023No Comments

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Across the world, classical Christian education is being revived. Many teachers who were not taught under this model are now being asked to employ a classical Christian pedagogy. “How?” they ask. Mrs. Robyn Burlew encourages these teachers, providing a picture of how the ideal classical educator thinks, acts, and loves.

Robyn Burlew

Robyn has served as Head of Upper School at Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia, for six years, after serving for fifteen years as a teacher and administrator at Covenant Christian Academy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She has a B.A. in Biology from Houghton College and a M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum and Instruction from Covenant College. She enjoys spending time with her three adult daughters and a son-in-law, all of whom live in Richmond. Robyn’s leisure time is filled with kayaking, gardening, two golden retrievers, and piano playing. She is a member of Redeemer Anglican Church in Richmond.