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The Beauty of Teaching Music Classically

By June 27, 2009January 31st, 2023No Comments

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Ms. Love explains how to encourage all ages of students to hear, understand, and personalize great works. She outlines how to provide the necessary historic, scientific, and thematic context before listening to a piece. Ms. Love demonstrates how to use recognition and “the art of music naming”. In addition, Ms. Love guides educators to see that Jesus is woven throughout all creation and that educators must “keep him in the conversation” as they teach. Ms. Love encourages educators to consider that God created music “good” and that He made us able to understand, appreciate, and create music for His glory alone.

Nancy Love

Nancy Love has a BS from Bemidji State University, MN in Music and Elementary Education. She taught elementary music in public schools in North Dakota and Minnesota before she took a missionary position as a music educator at Rift Valley School in Kenya, East Africa. During her 20 years at the boarding school for children of missionaries. Ms, Love created and developed the elementary music program, an elementary choral program, wrote curriculum for general music classes, and directed a variety of performances. Ms. Love also worked briefly in the Seychelles, Islands in the Indian Ocean, organizing, creating and developing national grammar school choral ensembles for the Seychellois government under the auspices of the Conservatoire of Seychelles. Since 2004, Ms. Love has been a lower school music educator at Hill Country Christian School of Austin where she has worked with teachers to develop a music program that is integrated with classroom studies.