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Classical Christian Movement

Redeeming Science Instruction

By June 25, 2015January 24th, 2023No Comments

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In this seminar, Jason will summarize his takeaways from the 2014 Alcuin Retreat by way of a proposal of principles essential to a classical, Christ-centered approach to science instruction. Jason will discuss what he believes must be rejected as well as what must be embraced if
we are to recover the true nature of science education. He will then describe some of the pedagogical experiments through which he has strived to execute aspects of this redemptive philosophy in his middle school science classes.

Jason Faulkner

Jason loves doing life with his wife Anne and their two daughters, Alice (4) and Eleanor (2). He also enjoys teaching middle school math, science, and logic at Heritage Preparatory School in Atlanta, Georgia, where he has been a faculty member since the fall of 2007. Inspired by readings and discussions at the Alcuin retreat last October, Jason has taken particular interest in the project of redeeming science education. Jason fancies himself a decent cook, a mediocre guitar player, and a struggling gardener.