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Re-Minding Our Students in the Lord

By June 28, 2018January 18th, 2023No Comments

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As Samuel Johnson famously claimed, “People need to be reminded rather than instructed.” C. S. Lewis would refer to this exact maxim in his approach to discussing faith in Mere Christianity. In this session, participants will explore how they can instruct their students and remind them of their ability as “spiritual thinkers.” We will consider the act of reading, the concepts of “text,” and the power of paying literal, as well as metaphorical, attention to our lives.

Carolyn Weber

An award-winning author and professor, Dr. Carolyn Weber holds an honors bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario and her master’s and doctorate degrees in Romantic literature from Oxford University. A Commonwealth Scholar, she was the first female dean of St. Peter’s College at Oxford University. After relocating to the States, Carolyn has been an associate professor at the University of San Francisco, Seattle University and Westmont College. She now teaches both at her alma mater, the University of Western Ontario, and at Heritage College and Seminary. Carolyn speaks regularly on the intersections of faith, literature and culture at campuses, churches and organizations, ranging from Billy Graham’s Cove to national and international academic and mainstream conferences. She has been a guest on numerous radio interviews, television shows and podcasts, such as 100 Huntley St., Context with Lorna Dueck, Family Life, Focus on the Family and Cardus. She teaches across a wide range of venues, from the classroom to retreats, workshops and invited lecture series. Her critically acclaimed memoirs Surprised by Oxford and Holy is the Day were both shortlisted for the Grace Irwin Prize, the largest award for Christian writing in Canada. Surprised by Oxford received this award in 2014. A poet, essayist and featured contributor to such publications as Faith Today, Carolyn also delights in writing children’s literature and participating actively in children’s education. Carolyn lives in her hometown of London, Canada, with her husband and four spirited children.