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Based on a multiple sample case study of six cce schools, this seminar offers a holistic framework for thinking about a school’s journey from apprentice to journeyman to master. Two schools were examined under each maturity level, and the conclusion of this case study is a clear improvement pathway focused on (1) diagnosing stage of maturity, (2) develop future targets with stage-based wisdom, and (3) discerning the best means to measure progress on those targets. The schools were studied by examining public records about the school as well as interviewing the leadership of the school.

The benefit of this study is that it helps smaller schools not try to be Geneva, Veritas or Ambrose but instead offers them a framework that can guide them to chart a faithful path for their schools’ future. Moreover, this leadership study for schools is explicitly guided and governed by both the philosophy and theology of the classical Christian movement rather than the philosophical pragmatism and materialistic empiricism of many leadership and management works.

David Seibel

As the Head of School, David Seibel aims to cultivate a generation of scholar-disciples who are passionate about learning. Husband to Brooke and father of one current and an additional three future Coram Deo students, David holds an MDiv from Southern Seminary, an MEd from Marian University, and BA in Economics and Spanish from Wabash College. He is also a doctoral candidate studying the classical Christian movement at Southern Seminary.