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Classical Christian Movement

Essential Logic: What Every Teacher Should Know in Order to Effectively Utilize and Integrate Logic Into His or Her Subject Area

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As classical Christian educators, we see logic as so essential to what and how we teach that we refer to the second stage of learning as dialectic and to the corresponding school as the School of Logic. While many Upper School teachers would like to integrate logic into their classes, many have not received formal training, and so lack the ability to do so effectively. This seminar will seek to provide Upper School teachers with a foundational understanding of the essentials of logic with the goal of enabling them to effectively integrate logic into their subject areas. Participants will learn about logical fallacies, the basic laws of logic (thought), propositions and their relationships, syllogisms and their forms and testing arguments for validity and soundness.

Jeremy Sturdivant

Jeremy Sturdivant has served for numerous years as a public school educator, an ordained minister and a classical Christian school educator. As a classical Christian educator, he spent two years teaching 6th Grade before teaching humanities, Bible survey, logic and Greek in the Upper School. Currently, he teaches Bible survey and logic and serves as the Theology/Philosophy Department Chair at Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth, Texas. Jeremy holds a bachelor’s degree from Angelo State University and a master’s degree in divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.