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Cultivating Mathematical Affections through Service-Learning

By June 22, 2017January 20th, 2023No Comments

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This seminar will focus on the integration of service-learning projects in the mathematics curriculum as a means of cultivating mathematical affections in students–developing a habitual inclination to view mathematics as a worthwhile endeavor. This seminar will equip participants to design, implement, and evaluate service-learning projects in which students partner with nonprofit organizations. Through these projects, students integrate their conceptual understanding of math with the practical functioning of their local community. Ultimately, students gain deeper knowledge content, a deeper appreciation for the role that math performs in society, and a deeper grasp of our Christian responsibility of stewardship.

Josh Wilkerson

Josh Wilkerson has been a “Math Appreciation” teacher for more than 10 years. For the past five years he has taught Upper School Mathematics at Regents School of Austin and he recently completed a PhD in Math Education from Texas State University. His dissertation focused on “cultivating mathematical a ections” through service-learning projects in K–12 mathematics. He is the founder of the website, focused on the integration of Christian faith with the teaching of mathematics.