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Could Dorothy Sayers Join SCL

By December 1, 2008January 31st, 2023No Comments

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Douglas Wilson is right. In his review of Wisdom and Eloquence on the preceding pages, he says that every school must decide where they stand with respect to Dorothy Sayers’ characterization of classical education. He details his own successful experience with and support of Sayers’ model while summarizing the authors’ fundamental disagreement. So with a founder and current board member of SCL, Robert Littlejohn, joining with a former SCL board member, Charles Evans, to spearhead one philosophical camp while the other is led by the man whose book, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, triggered the modern classical and Christian movement, where exactly does SCL stand?

On the sidelines, applauding loudly.

SCL is not a proponent of one viewpoint. Rather, we are facilitators of discussion and debate. SCL is a professional society with membership open to individuals involved in classical, Christ-centered education. Many of our members are educators in ACCS schools and hold views of classical learning quite similar to those expressed by Mr. Wilson. Our goal is to offer an opportunity for professional classical educators to compare their various viewpoints, share the variety of their experiences, learn from each other and challenge each other—much as we expect our students to do in our class- rooms.

So as you read the preceding article, whether you found yourself nodding along with Mr. Wilson or with Dr. Littlejohn and Mr. Evans, you will find like minded educators among the ranks of the SCL member- ship. You will also find intelligent, experienced, passionate educators on the other side, eager to debate.

At SCL, that’s what we call a good time and we think Dorothy Sayers would have agreed.