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C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia offer young readers both delightful stories and incredible spiritual insights. In this presentation, we will explore the transformational power of Aslan as the Christ figure of Narnia. We will look at seven scenes in the Narnia books, one from each Chronicle, in which Aslan has a special moment with one of the children. The way Aslan speaks and acts toward Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, Jill, Shasta, Digory, and Emeth can help our students grasp how Christ speaks and acts toward them in pivotal moments in their lives. He is their redeemer, guide, leader, teacher, and much more. Attendees will come away refreshed by these wonderful stories and equipped to share Christ with their students through the literary character of Aslan.

Alex Markos

Alex Markos is the Grammar School Latin teacher at Geneva School of Boerne, TX, where he has taught 3rd-5th grade Latin and 3rd grade ancient history for five years. He received a bachelor’s degree in History and Classical Languages from Hope College and recently graduated with a master’s degree in Cultural Apologetics from Houston Baptist University. During his time at HBU, he had the privilege of studying The Chronicles of Narnia under Oxford professor and C. S. Lewis scholar Michael Ward. He has also spent the last 20+ years learning from another Lewis scholar—his father, Dr. Louis Markos. He recognizes the powerful influence that story and imagination have on the spiritual formation of children. In class, he loves sharing stories, like those from Narnia and mythology, with his students in a way that points them to Christ.