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Three Common Dilemmas for Heads of Schools

By June 24, 2021January 11th, 2023No Comments

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Hear Keith Nix’s insights from over 20 years as Head of School and leader of Head of School cohorts with 50 plus heads as he identifies and provides insights on the three most common issues with which Heads find themselves having to manage. They are: 1. Fundraising, 2. Building out your Administrative Team, 3. Managing your relationship with the board. Keith will provide a helpful outline to assist you in directing your energies in each category.

Keith Nix

Keith Nix has served as the Head of School at Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia since 2010. Mr. Nix is the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS) and President of the Board of Academic Advisors for the Classic Learning Test (CLT), and was the prior Chairman of the Society for Classical Learning (SCL). Keith and his wife Kim have two grown sons, and a daughter in college. Keith enjoys tennis, golf, travel, and reading.