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Theology in the Lower School Classroom

By June 22, 2017January 19th, 2023No Comments

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Lower-School teachers have a unique opportunity to weave theology into all subject areas and to explicitly teach Biblical material. This session will explore both the big picture of what theology can be in the Lower School and propose some specific teaching practices to enhance Bible instruction. In the big picture, we will look at Christian practices in the classroom, the goals of Bible instruction, and the ways in which theology can interface with other subjects. Some of the particulars will include graphic organizers that aid in applying narratives, cultural connections, apologetic resources for young readers, Socratic questioning techniques, and examples of projects that synthesize theology and other subjects.

Nate George

Nate George and his family love living in Richmond, VA, where Veritas and a vibrant church community shape the ways they follow Jesus. His academic background includes degrees in Social Work and Theology, and he continues to delve into philosophy and social science in his spare time. After 11 years of teaching, Nate’s passion for learning and his enjoyment of teaching couldn’t be higher, and he considers it a great privilege to engage children in thoughtful conversations about the connections between the Gospel and the great ideas. He doesn’t blog, but if he did, he’d have a lot to say about philosophical ideas presented in animated lms, with special emphasis on Brad Bird and Hayao Miyazaki.