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Classical Christian Movement

The Rhetoric Pigfest II: A Timely Idea

By June 27, 2008February 21st, 2023No Comments

The PigFest is a regular gathering of a group of people around a hosted table. PigFesters meet to indulge in great food and great conversation about the important issues of the day, and to sharpen their respective abilities to engage and enhance their communities. PigFests are organized around core rules or principles, based on historical precedent tested by similar gatherings and the studies of educators like Mortimer Adler. The purpose is to enhance the education of young and old alike by requiring an integration of dialectic and rhetoric in a time-tested format of exchange. This seminar will describe how these roundtables are best organized, and how you can make them an integral part of your school experience.

Jim VanEerden​

Jim VanEerden, is the originator, along with Chuck Colson, of the Centurion’s Fellowship program. Jim’s passion is to assist business and social entrepreneurs in their efforts to become more effective change agents for God in their lifework pursuits. As part of this calling, he has explored the intersection between rhetoric and worldview formation in both graduate and post-graduate study programs, and has innovated a host of “roundtable” experiences to help others develop models that work. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, working to complete his dissertation entitled “Reclaiming Vibrant Catechism.” ​