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The Logic of English: Seeing Words in New Ways

By June 24, 2021January 11th, 2023No Comments

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Discover answers to your students’ questions about English spelling! Together we will explore rules that help explain 98% of English words and facilitate orthographic mapping. Together we will learn a few phonograms, spelling rules, and morphemes while demonstrating their application to both high-frequency words and advanced vocabulary. Practical tools for teaching will be interwoven with the neuroscience of reading to provide educators a better understanding of the roles of phonemic awareness and systematic phonics in learning to read.

Denise Eide

Denise is the president and founder of Logic of English, a mission-driven publisher that empowers students of all ages to become fluent readers and spellers. Denise is passionate about providing all students access to evidence-based literacy education. When her sons struggled to learn to read, Denise discovered that one of the core instructional tools used to help students with dyslexia is to teach them how English really works. Upon seeing her sons go from nonreaders to reading chapter books within months, she decided to write Uncovering the Logic of English, an award-winning book about reading. She continues her life work of sharing the power of knowing how English works by speaking, writing, and publishing.