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The Demand for CCE in Africa: A Parent’s Perspective

By June 24, 2021January 11th, 2023No Comments

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There is a growing number of parents in Africa who take the education of their children with Judgement Day seriousness. In a context where academic rigour and character development seem more and more mutually exclusive, these sober parents have ordered their loves well. They want to raise up children who don’t think that their faith is a more dignified name for superstition. In a continent faced with massive challenges of disintegrated learning and living, CCE is such a breath of fresh air for a growing number of families. Such parents see CCE as a most helpful ally in their efforts to raise-up a godly generation of students who see learning as part of loving God.

As many Christian parents see the gaps in the progressive education being in the continent; A lack of Creator-creature distinction; A disregard for history; Passing exams is the most important educational goal; A disregard for crucial aspects of teacher qualification and continued growth; A synthesis of truth and lies, just to mention a few challenges, they become more appreciative of CCE when they get to know about it.

Eric Abwao

Eric grew up as the eldest of eight siblings in a family where they enjoyed the privilege of parents who influenced them for Christ. As a young adult the Lord opened his eyes to his dire need for the saving mercies found only in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He was at that time re-born as a child of God. Around that time (in 1999), while studying as an undergraduate student of Commerce, the Lord began opening doors of opportunity for him to serve His people in the church. He was later set apart to be a pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi (Kenya) in 2014. Eric is presently a student of divinity at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary (Owensbro Kentucky). Together with his wife, Jedidah, they are blessed with four children – Emmy, James, Evana and Eliana. They home-school their children using the Rafiki Education System and are in love with the classical approach to education. Their children have greatly benefited from this curriculum for the past eight years. Eric has also worked at Rafiki Foundation for three years. He has had an opportunity to interact with many families in Kenya that have come to highly appreciate and adopt a classical approach to education.