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Happy New year from all of us at SCL!

As I look forward to 2023, I am excited about the continued growth and expansion of classical Christian education (CCE). Here is what I have seen in 2022:

  • Large increases in enrollment across the country
  • Increased international interest
  • Launching of many new classical Christian schools
  • Greater number and quality of thought leaders in the movement
  • Depth, clarity, and maturity around the philosophy of CCE
  • Larger number of strong, established schools
  • Excellent bench of developing Heads (not enough of them, but excellent leaders nonetheless)
  • Emerging visionary leaders in the movement

At the Society for Classical Learning, we are refining our vision, resources, and support to ensure that the encouraging trends above continue. Here is a snapshot of what we are planning for 2023 and beyond:

  • Release of our new strategic plan
  • Completely new website with more features and expanded resources
  • Expanded consulting services
  • Increased leadership trainings and programs
  • Release of a new and unique leadership study for classical Christian schools
  • Expanded membership value and thought leadership resources
  • Formation of strategic partnerships
  • Clear articulation of what constitutes a thriving classical Christian school

Of course, there are vulnerabilities and weaknesses I see in the movement as well. I will share those in a future post. There are many reasons to be encouraged about the future of CCE!