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Developing an Athletic Program in an Emerging School

By June 29, 2012January 27th, 2023No Comments

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Young, emerging schools have the daunting task of expanding curricular (both co and extra) offerings as the schools grow. In athletics, there are an infinite number of things to consider – what sports to play, how to get good coaches, what do you pay choaches, where do you play, who do you play against, how do you fund the sport, how do you define healthy parental involvement, how do coaches and teachers work together, how to ensure mission-fulfillment, and many more. This session will provide ideas and solutions to these issues and others. This session will be most effective with heavy audience interaction so bring your questions.

Beck Brydon

Beck Brydon has been the Director of Athletics at Regents since 2006 and was the school’s Director of Institutional Advancement from 2004-2006. He has coached at Regents for 15 years. As Varsity Head Football Coach from 2000 to present, he has led Regents to 5 state football titles and played for two others during that time.