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American Classics: T.S. Eliot

By June 29, 2012January 27th, 2023No Comments

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T.S. Eliot represents high modernism and scares many of us with the difficulty of his work and the gigantic intellect that he applied to poetry, drama, and to literary criticism. Come to this seminar to spend a little time on the doorstep of the cathefral of thought and imagination he created, dwelling together. We will look at some of his poems and try to understand his legacy of how to read poems such as these. We will aim to see how finding a language adequate to the experience of the post-World War period involved such complexity.

Christine Perrin

Christine Perrin has taught literature and creative writing at Johns Hopkins University, Messiah College, Gordon College’s Orvieto Program, through the Pennsylvania Arts Council to students of all ages, and at the local classical school where her husband was headmaster for a decade and where her children a ended K-12. She consults with classical schools in curriculum development and faculty development in poetry. She is a two time recipient of the PA Arts Council Artists Fellowship and a Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference Fellowship. Her own work appears in various journals including The New England Review, Image, TriQuarterly, Blackbird, and Christianity and Literature, The Cresset. “The Art of Poetry” a text book for middle to high school students was published in 2009 by Classical Academic Press. She attended Johns Hopkins as an undergraduate and the University of Maryland for graduate school. She keeps a blog at: h p://