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Classical Christian Movement

Shepherding the Grammar School Heart

By June 28, 2013January 27th, 2023No Comments

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Based on the works of Tedd and Paul David Tripp along with years of practical application in the classroom, this seminar will help grammar school teachers learn how to deal with students’ hearts and their own as they do the hard work of daily classroom life.

Lori Jill Keeler

Lori Jill Keeler has her BA in Secondary Education and English Lit, and her M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum and Instruction. She served as the educational expert on the founding Board of Directors for Evangel Classical Christian School in Helena, Alabama, has wri en second through sixth grade Bible curriculum, and has been a guest speaker on creating a culture of grace at several classical schools in the Southeast. Lori Jill and her husband Scott have two sons.