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Classical Christian Movement

Teacher Collaboration

By June 28, 2013January 27th, 2023No Comments

We were created to live in fellowship. As beautiful as it is to set a teacher in a classroom and watch the magic that occurs, we need one another to be successful and effective educators. We must communicate in order to meet our academic, behavioral, and cultural objectives. Each class, grade, or school division can not become individual units that function apart from the others and achieve the vision of the school. Teamwork can be messy. Conflict, tension, and frustration can quickly occur, but these obstacles must be overcome in order to reach our fullest potential as classical schools in quest of excellence. This workshop will discuss strategies for developing unity and collaboration within the walls of your school.

Trish Detrick

Trisha Detrick teaches fourth grade at The Geneva School in Orlando, Florida. She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education and is certi ed by the state of Florida. Trisha was introduced to classical education in college and was blessed to complete her student teaching in a classical school. She spent her rst six years of teaching at a small ACCS school before transferring to The Geneva School seven years ago. Trisha is a dynamic teacher who has a passion for training fellow teachers. She is an inspiring mentor and is actively involved in cultivating a vibrant and thriving culture amongst her colleagues in the grammar school. This is Trisha’s fourth year speaking at SCL conferences, and she is excited to be back again.