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Teaching The Greatest Book

By June 29, 2019March 22nd, 2023No Comments

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Teaching God’s Word is a wonderful privilege, as well as a great responsibility. Despite the fact that our specific theological views most likely differ, our commitment to teaching God’s Word faithfully and truthfully should be the same. If we want our students to respect God’s Word, we ourselves need to handle it with great care and respect. We will discuss how to “rightly handle the word of truth,” make Bible study enjoyable, help students develop good study habits and help them get to know God – not just hear about Him. We will also discuss integrating a biblical worldview into other subjects and help our students love the Author of the greatest story.

Hana Rodgers

Hana has a master’s degree from the Czech Republic in English, social sciences and education. She loves sharing her love for God with her 3rd-graders and is thankful for the opportunity to pursue the mission, vision and values of e Cambridge School in San Diego. She is grateful for the opportunity to point her students daily to the truth of God’s Word and to form the minds of her students. Hana is passionate about creating wonder and a love of learning in her students and is always eager to improve in this area. She enjoys teaching about the Creator, diagramming, thinking of new ways to integrate the many subjects she gets to teach, creating innovative ways to bring history to life for her students, helping her students enjoy math and much more.