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“Take up and read!” Fostering Life-changing Encounters with the Scriptures for our Students

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Laura Davis Werezak

Laura Davis Werezak is a teacher, writer, and mother. Laura grew up in church with a voracious hunger for the Scriptures, which she’s never been able to satisfy. Like a bee gathering honey, she has collected creative study methods. For over ten years she has led studies for women, children, and teens, as a youth pastor, classroom teacher, and church leader. She’s currently leading the Read Mark Learn Bible Study at Emmanuel Anglican Church, New York City, as well as teaching Fifth and Eighth Grade Bible at The Geneva School of Manhattan. She holds a Master of Arts in Education and a Master of Christian Studies in Christianity and the Arts. She is also the author of Attend: Forty Soul Stretches Toward God, a book about how to find God in everyday life. She lives in Harlem with her husband Clint, a minister and youth worker, their two daughters ages 7 and 10, and their pandemic kitten Hazel Minerva.