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Classical Christian Movement

Student and Parent Legal Rights

By June 27, 2008February 21st, 2023No Comments

Too often administrators, board members or directors of faith based education programs find themselves confronted with the question of what rights must the school afford students and parents. In this session we examine the legal basis for rights and analyze just what they are.

John L. and John M. Cooley​

John L. Cooley served as a Christian school administrator for 10 years prior to beginning his law career. Ind addition to his law degree, Mr. Cooley has earned an MRE in Christian education and a Ph.D. in church administration. He currently serves as President of WootenHart PLC in Roanoke, VA. John Mark Cooley is a partner at WootenHart and has been in practice there for over 10 years. Together they focus on representing faith-based programs, religious schools, and non-profits and have assisted schools with constitutional law, employment and contract issues, student discipline and expulsion, parent issues, organizational structure, and non-profit IRS filings. ​