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Seven Secrets of Managing People

By June 23, 2017January 19th, 2023No Comments

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This workshop is based on The Way of the Shepherd: Seven Secrets to Managing Productive People by Dr. Kevin Leman and Bill Pentak. The authors state that “The Way of the Shepherd will teach you how to lead the people around you so they will view their work as a calling rather than merely a job. A place to belong rather than a place to work. It shows you how to infuse work with meaning and how to engage and energize your workforce”; the principles are “timeless, challenging and uncommon, so uncommon that it will inevitably set you apart as a rare, highly effective leader if you learn and follow its precepts…it will show you how to call forth greatness from your employees by cultivating it in yourself.”

Tony Jeffrey

Dr. Tony Jeffrey has a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from American Christian College, a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Higher Education Administration from the University of North Texas. This is Dr. Jeffrey’s 34th year in Christian school administration. He is in his twel h year as Headmaster of Providence Christian School of Texas and previously served at Trinity Christian Academy for 23 years in a variety of roles. Dr. Jeffrey is married to Kathy and has three children: Cole-29; Clark-28; and Cate-21. Dr. and Mrs. Je rey have homeschooled all of their children. Dr. Jeffrey recently served as Chairman of the Board of Summit Ministries.