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Retention Begins in Admission: Nurturing Long-Term Enrollment From Tour to Contract

By June 27, 2019January 17th, 2023No Comments

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In admissions, we’re usually thinking about how to recruit
new students to ll our empty seats. But is there a way to have fewer empty seats in the first place? Yes! While most of the responsibility for retention falls outside of the Admission Department’s control, we will discuss ways to raise your retention rates by nurturing new families toward a long-term vision with tours, admission events, parent interviews and orientation.

Amy Burgess

Amy Burgess is a corporate marketing consultant with a heart for growing classical Christian schools. She spent five years as the Admission/Marketing Director at Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth, Texas, and continues to support SCL’s efforts to grow the CCE movement by growing individual schools. She loves to take strategic marketing tools and ideas from the corporate world and translate them for the benefit of classical schools.