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Q & A with Peterson

By June 26, 2015January 24th, 2023No Comments

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Singer, songwriter and author Andrew Peterson will engage in a discussion with those present about a life of music, writing and art.

Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson is an acclaimed singer, songwriter and author of the four-book series The Wingfeather Saga. Andrew has released some 15 albums and has published several works of fiction, audiobooks and songbooks. Andrew is also founder of the online creative and collaborative community called the Rabbit Room that includes podcasts, a music and bookstore and collaborative conversation surrounding music, the arts, Scripture and the Christian faith. For more than twenty years, Andrew has forged his own path, refusing the artistic compromises that so often come with chasing album sales and radio singles and creating instead a long line of songs that ache with sorrow, joy and integrity, and that are, at the end of the day, part of a real, ongoing, human conversation. To learn more about Andrew Peterson, visit his official website here: h p://