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Classical Christian Movement

Purposing to Partner and Empower: Cultivating Relationships with School Parents

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How can our classrooms be the catalyst in redeeming the education of multiple generations, past and present and future? Each time we touch a child we are touching the Covenant. We are invited into this partnership by the parents of the children that grace our classrooms. How do we inspire and invite parents to join the journey of discovery with their child? How do we alleviate their fears and instill once again the joy of learning, when their students need help with Latin, Physics and Algebra? Unlocking the mysteries of classical education for our parents is an important component to the success of our mission as classical Christian educators. During this seminar, we will explore not only the why, but also the ways, of equipping, empowering, and encouraging parents as they seek to connect with their students in the great conversation.

Cyndi McCallister

Cyndi McCallister earned a BA from Columbia International University in 1985 where she studied theology and education. She and her husband Karl have been homeschooling since 1994. In 2004 Cyndi discovered the beauty of a classical education through Classical Conversations where she has served as a Director/Tutor, Support Manager, and speaker, training parents to become classical Christian educators for the past 9 years. As the wife of a pastor, Cyndi is also passionate about seeing the church once again embrace this biblical model of conveying His truth to future generations. The more she learns about the classical model the more she desires to share this method of education with other communities, the church and the nations. Like Classical Conversations’ mo o, “To Know Him and make Him Known,” Cyndi wishes to equip and empower not only homeschooling families but teachers around the world in using the classical model. She believes our Christian classical communities should strive to have such an impact.