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Classical Christian Movement

What is Classical Education?

By June 28, 2012January 27th, 2023No Comments

What makes a classical education? Is Latin necessary? What is the difference between classical and neoclassical education? How does this change the way we teach? Susan Wise Bauer will discuss the distinctive of classical education and the methods that classical educators should adopt-as well as those that should be avoided.

Susan Wise Bauer

Susan’s parents taught her at home for most of elementary and middle school, and all of high school. She entered college at seventeen as a Presidential Scholar and National Merit finalist, and finished her B.A. in five semesters with a major in English, a minor in Greek and a summer spent studying twentieth century theology as a Visiting Student at Oxford. She went on to earn a Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia , an M.A. in English language and literature at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, and her Ph.D. in American Studies, with a major field in the history of American Religion. She has been a member of the faculty at the college of William and Mary for fifteen years.