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Classical Christian Movement

Learning to Love What Must Be Done

By June 23, 2011January 30th, 2023No Comments

The German Poet Goethe advises, “Cease endlessly striving for what you would like to do and learn to love what must be done.” In this maxim, Goethe succinctly captures a long educational tradition that sought to shape students into lovers- lovers of wisdom and lovers of the work that brings wisdom. In this seminar, I will explore the ways we can impart diligence, courage, zeal and industry to students- all traits that blossom from a cultivated love for the good, true and beautiful and enable students to thrive and excel. starting with Augustine and his exhortation that students order their loves and love that which is lovely, we will look to the tradition of classical education for inspiration and ideas for imparting to students a love for what must be done. The seminar will conclude with a practical discussion of how this can happen in our contemporary classrooms.

Christopher Perrin

Christopher Perrin

Christopher is the CEO and Publisher at Classical Academic Press, and a national leader, author and speaker for the renewal of classical education. He serves as a consultant to classical Christian schools, classical charter schools, schools converting to the classical model and homeschool co-ops. He is the Director of the Alcuin Fellowship, former Vice-Chair of the Society for Classical Learning and previously served as a classical school head for 10 years.