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Classical Christian Movement

Parent Training and Building a Christian Family

By June 26, 2021March 22nd, 2023No Comments

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Although facing the uncertainty of the external political and social environment, Christian Classical education in China is growing quickly through its infancy stage. Thus far, we have anxiously focused on the education of students and teachers, but we have not well appreciated that parents are also important teachers. Today, many church schools are busy with the planting of their schools and developing their curriculum, but it is easy to forget the important role and influence of the family. On the other hand, some churches hope to unite schools to train and build Christian families, but they lack guiding principles and vision and don’t know how to start. Moreover, we don’t know much about the unique dangers posed by modernity and the crises that families face in contemporary Chinese society.

Therefore, how should we view the mutual roles of the church, family, and school in education? How can we guide and train families based on a theology and philosophy of Christian Classical education under the auspices of church planting and school planting? What training and guidance for content can be set? How can we build Christian families in a modern society and current working conditions? This lecture will provide some exploration and some guidance on these themes. Chinese lecture with English subtitles.

Matthew Su

Matthew Su is from Fujian, China. He has a bachelor’s degree in literature and a master’s degree in Western philosophy. He has also studied at the Hong Kong Institute of Chinese Christian Culture as well as Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. In 2015, he co-wrote the Chinese book “Classical Christian Education” with Pastor Wang Yi and others. It was the first book in China to introduce and promote classical Christian education. He has formerly served as a principal of a primary and middle school. Now he is an academic dean at a Christian university and teaches Latin and Western classics as well as courses in Christian classical education for graduate students. At present, he is also a director of the Chinese Christian Classical Education Alliance, which teaches and spreads the concept of Christian classical education in various settings. He is also an elder and preacher in his church. He currently lives in Xiamen with his wife and four sons.