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Classical Christian Movement

Paideia in the Flesh: The Pedogogical Necessity of Incarnational Teaching

By June 25, 2015January 24th, 2023No Comments

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What makes an excellent teacher? We’ve all had teachers who had a profound and lifelong impact on us – perhaps we are teaching precisely because of their influence! This seminar will take time to examine the theological and philosophical foundation that undergirds all great teachers. Beginning with a consideration of Matthew 10:24 and Luke 6:40, and concluding with a time of collaboration, we will brie y trace the concept of incarnational teaching through history and discuss how this ought to affect our classrooms today. The time of collaboration will provide a venue to draw out speci =fic practical application from the theory of incarnational teaching.

Brent Stevens

Brent Stevens lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife, Stephanie, and son, Isaac. He graduated from the College at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a B.A. in Humanities in 2010. He was introduced to classical education while attending Dallas Baptist University for a brief time, and has wrestled to understand its meaning and implications for modern education ever since. He teaches Latin and Classical History and Literature at Covenant Classical.