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Out of the Box and Into the Material

By June 30, 2012January 27th, 2023No Comments

Denise brings a fresh approach to teaching by using a unique style that utilizes 21st century technology, engages different learning styles, and incorporates Scripture into her lessons. This seminar gives an overview of a “see it, hear it and do it with technology” approach to learning that can be applied to many different subject areas. She will use her photography class as an example, showing how she engages different learning styles. Her lessons are designed so that the students know when to engage in the discussion and when to take notes, based on slide design. Denise currently teaches in a computer lab, but in the future each student will use a laptop or iPad, and this will have implications for many classrooms.

Denise Myers

While trained as an Electrical Engineer, Denise began her professional career as a computer programmer and Project manager at IBM then took time out to be home with her children. As an at home mom she took her professional skills into the volunteer work force at Trinity Academy, serving as PATT (Parents and Teachers at Trinity) president, soccer and volleyball coach, and volunteer photographer. Her love for photography began in high school and as her kids grew up, she became ready to go back to work part time, so she started her own company. In 2009, she combined everything that she had learned through photography, teaching and coaching together, wrote and taught her own Digital Photography Course at Trinity Academy of Raleigh.