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Middle School Matters: A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Administrators For A Flourishing Transition into Adulthood

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Anyone who has lived through it knows adolescence to be one of the most diffcult and challenging seasons of our lives. It takes a special calling to be educators during this transition from childhood to adulthood. We must also grow in empathy and love for parents whose children have changed from sweet, innocent kids to moody teenagers who can be disrespectful, de ant and even depressed. We will focus on how we can help shape the whole person, and will review best practices and habits – from spiritual disciplines to homework strategies – to create the most flourishing experience possible during these years. We will also discuss how to help each student become his or her own person in Christ.

Nathan Jordan

During his undergraduate time at Vanderbilt University, Nathan felt the pull of the Holy Spirit towards becoming an educator. After attending a month of law school at the University of Georgia, he ed to the corporate world and became a successful pharmaceutical rep for a major corporation. After five years of soul searching, Nathan finally launched his career in education as a middle school geography teacher and a varsity basketball coach at his alma mater in Atlanta. After another brief stint in the corporate world, he promised God that if He would open a path back into education, he’d stay for the rest of his career. Since then, he has worked as an educator, coach, campus minister and Dean of Students, with the last nine years spent at Heritage Preparatory School in Atlanta. Nathan recently became the Headmaster at Covenant Christian School in Smyrna, Georgia, where he also teaches history and his own sixth-grade daughter, Sarah Kate.