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Classical Christian Movement

Math is _____ (Fill in the Blank)

By June 28, 2019January 16th, 2023No Comments

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Many discussions of mathematics from a classical Christian
perspective focus on presenting math as true, good and beautiful. While this is an integral conversation to bring into the classroom, it’s an incomplete picture. Students would leave our schools ultimately unchanged in how they practice and understand mathematics. This presentation will challenge educators on how to complete the sentence “Math is ” with language that considers the practical experience. How do we understand not only the philosophy of mathematics, but
the practice from a Christian perspective? How do the practices and liturgies of the math classroom impact the affections of students? We will end by offering some practical examples that can be implemented in your own classroom.

Josh Wilkerson

Josh has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Texas A&M, a master’s degree in historical theology from Dallas Th eological Seminary and a doctoral degree in math education from Texas State University. He has taught math at Regents School of Austin for the past seven years and serves as the Chair of the Mathematics Department for the logic and rhetoric schools. In his spare time, he runs the website, which is devoted to the integration of math and Christian faith. Josh also serves on the board for the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences.