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Marketing: Just What Are You Saying Anyway?

By June 28, 2008January 31st, 2023No Comments

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Communication isn’t exactly a snazzy topic. Marketing is much more fun and recognizable. that’s why at many schools marketing garners most of the resources while communications gets a cursory nod and is easily brushed to the side – until something bad happens. Truth is, your school’s marketing efforts will only be as successful as its communication strategy. Mark Mountan of Peracto Counsulting will outline best practices in communication and show you how to leverage the critical points where marketing and internal and external communications intersect. Return to your school with a broadened understanding of communication and practical ways to transform your school’s efforts and involve everyone in the process- administrators, faculty, board members, parents, donors, and others.

Mark Mountan

Mark Mountan is founder of Peracto Consulting and works exclusively with classical Christian schools in implementing comprehensive integrated marketing and communications strategies. He has worked with large and small schools alike. Mark is currently writing a book (scheduled for release in late 2008) designed to help classical Christian schools understand and implement best practices in marketing.