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Logic of English, Part II

By June 24, 2011February 23rd, 2023No Comments

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Many learners are frustrated by the inconsistency of English. Most people believe that English is not logical and does not follow patterns. This is simply not true. The code is complex and the patterns are beautiful. In this workshop, participants will discover the phonograms and spelling rules which explain 98% of English words and elan about the NICHD research which supports systematic phonics education.

Denise Eide

Denise Eide is an author, educator, speaker and curriculum designer. She has worked in the field of literacy instruction since 1995. She was trained in Curriculum and Instruction, Second Languages and Cultures at the University of Minnesota. Denise’s initial experiences in literacy began in teaching English as a Second Language. She taught at a Russian University and later founded a literacy center for Russian and Ukrainian immigrants, Though her students had continual questions about English reading and spelling at that time, her best answer was, “English is illogical!” In 2003, Denise began to homeschool her children and teach a variety of classes for homeschool students. In 2006, Denise sought training in multi-sensory Orton based approach to teaching reading and spelling to help struggling readers and spellers she was teaching. Upon completion in 2008, she began offering seminars to parents and teachers, training private schools, tutoring, and speaking at conventions. Her most popular lectures were overviews of the material she called “The Logic of English” and “Teaching and Preventing Struggling Readers and Spellers.” Countless classroom teachers and reading specialists commented they learned more in an hour than in all their graduate school training. Scientists, engineers and other professionals confided that they had always struggled with English and asked, “Why Didn’t someone teach me this way from the beginning?” She has expanded this material into her first book “Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common-Sense Solution to America’s Literacy Crisis.” Denise is passionate about unveiling the logic of English and revealing the methods that have been scientifically proven as the solution to illiteracy. She is the President of Pedia Learning Inc. an emerging educational publisher and is authoring curriculum and a follow up book “Teaching the Logic of English to all Learners.”