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Classical Christian Movement

Leadership Lab

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Great leadership is highly sought after and much discussed, but how do we really know that we are effectively teaching great leadership to our students? The same way that we often test other ideas – in the lab. We put our SR leadership curriculum to the test by conducting a semester long “Leadership Lab” in which our students put into practice all of the leadership principles and lessons they had learned. Students were divided into groups. All worked, but 3 had an additional distinct responsibility to bear. They chose someone to bear the responsibility for the decisions, actions, failures, and successes of the group, someone to administer the group (take notes, direct, and organize the plans and decisions of the group, as well as keep the objectives before the group), and someone to evaluate the group (document who was in each role, why they were chosen for that role, who contributed what towards meeting the objectives, how each person was a good “follower” in the group, and how each person demonstrated being “faithful in small things.”) The objective was to come up with one idea per group on how to be a servant leader to the school during their senior year, bearing in mind the phrase “how are you practicing Christianity with your sleeves rolled up?” Each idea was to be generously motivated, outwardly focused, and legacy minded. We executed these ideas, and evaluated their success based on peer and faculty review.

Christi Wilson

Christi Wilson graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in English Literature and Language from Texas Tech University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law. Christi is married to John, and they are parents to four children: one son, Coby, (Veritas Class of 2018) and triplet daughters, Sydney, Catie, and Jenna, (Veritas Class of 2021). Christi has had several years of School Board experience, Christian classical school administration and teaching experience. She has studied at L’abri and is currently completing the Colson Fellows program.