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Classical Christian Movement

Inclusion of Students With Disabilities in the Classical and Christian Classroom

By June 28, 2018January 18th, 2023No Comments

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Classical Christian education is the best possible way to nurture the soul. It involves the best methods, materials and message to build the kingdom of God that is intended for the “least of these.” What are we doing to make this blessing available for students with disabilities? Schools are often unsure of how to make it work and are frequently unskilled in how to proceed. This workshop will present a philosophy of inclusion and practical principles for providing student support. Come see how your school can be blessed.

Leslie Collins

Leslie has been working in classical and Christian education since 1995, and has been working with students with disabilities for 30 years. She is passionate about the people of God’s kingdom welcoming others from different abilities and backgrounds. She is currently the Head of School at Covenant Academy in Cypress, Texas, a diverse and welcoming community. Covenant’s vision is for each child to be equipped to achieve his or her fullest potential as he or she embarks on the journey of the liberal arts tradition.