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How to Launch a Hybrid School from Scratch

By June 24, 2021January 11th, 2023No Comments

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This Workshop presents a step-by-step plan for launching a new school. This covers the progression from your initial idea to the first day of classes to a sustainable, healthy school. Topics covered include all the functional areas that a new school must address: Finance, Facilities/Infrastructure, Marketing/Admissions/Development, Academics/Programs, Governance/Management, and Staffing. In addition to overall concepts and guiding principles, we will explore practical suggestions, possible pitfalls, and solutions to common challenges.

Mark Palmer

Mr. Palmer helps businesses and non-profits optimize operations using lean processes and cloud technology. He is co-founder and past board chair of Trinity Classical School of Houston, where he currently teaches a course on Algorithms to 9th graders and advises start-up schools. He is co-founder of Safford LLC, a process consulting firm, and VizMetrics Inc., which creates dashboard reports for universities. Prior to VizMetrics, he was V.P. of e-Commerce for a Fortune 100 company and developed a performance reporting system for Argentina’s largest company. Mr. Palmer holds a B.A. in Economics from Rice University.