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Gordon College Masters Program

Take Your School to the Next Level

We are proud to partner with Gordon College in fulfilling its mission to integrate faith and learning in order to prepare students for a lifetime of growth and faithful leadership for the common good.

As one of the nation’s top Christian colleges and the only nationally ranked, multidenominational one in New England, Gordon College is a valuble partner to The Society for Classical Learning. Participants in The Gordon College Master Program, will have the unique opportunity to be part of this community of learners united by faith.

About the Program

The Gordon College Masters Program aims to equip headmasters and aspiring headmasters with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to lead thriving schools that make a positive impact in their communities. Taught by seasoned professionals, our program offers a flexible and convenient approach to learning, providing online resources that allow you to balance your work and personal commitments as you pursue your goals.

Join The Gordon College Masters Program, gain the knowledge and skills you need to lead your school with confidence and excellence, and take your school to the next level.

Benefits of The Gordon College Masters Program:

Access to a world-class faculty of Christian leaders who are committed to your growth and development

An exceptional liberal arts education that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to thrive as a leader in your community

Learn the form of accreditation for your school and demonstrate your commitment to excellence in classical Christian education

Participation in mentorship groups led by experts in their fields, fostering a supportive cohort of fellow headmasters and aspiring headmasters

A transformative learning experience that will challenge and inspire you to grow as a leader

Access to a wealth of online resources that will support ongoing learning and development


Join The Thriving Community of Classical Christian Schools

Feel confident that you have been equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to lead your school.

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